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www.FoundationsForRecovery.org  is an internet portal established by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation (www.braf.org) to report to its donors and the greater community on its Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts.  Our initial and immediate response to the storm was the creation two funds designed to address the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Katrina to southeast Louisiana.  


The Hurricane Katrina Displaced Residents Fund benefits those individuals evacuated to Baton Rouge from the hurricane impacted areas in Greater New Orleans, who have been unable to return for what maybe an extended period. Many of those individuals remain in our area, and they are facing numerous challenges related to housing, food, education, healthcare and basic survival necessities.  This fund is supporting those entities and programs in our area that are endeavoring to meet these critical needs. This fund is now closed to new donations.


The Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Recovery Fund is focused on the rebuilding of infrastructure to provide basic human services to residents of these devastated areas. As the Greater New Orleans Foundation has now established their Rebuild New Orleans fund, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation has closed this fund to new donations and has established a contractual relationship with GNOF to assist in the distribution of donations already collected.  This contractual relationship requires that all grants made by GNOF of these funds strictly meet the original intent of the fund, and that detailed reporting of grant allocations be provided to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation for reporting on this web site.  Grants from this fund will focus on attempting to provide resources to programs and efforts that positively impact the quality of life of the area's residents, and contribute to the overall rebuilding of critical service delivery mechanisms in the Greater New Orleans area.


The Baton Rouge Area Foundation  values the contributions of each donor and take their stewardship responsibilities seriously.  Foundations for Recovery was created to (1) recognize the incredible support of community and private foundations, and individual donors around the country; and (2) fulfill our commitment to transparency and open reporting.   To review our strategy and approach to grant making from these funds, click here.



www.FoundationsForRecovery.org is an internet portal established by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation

to report to its donors and the greater community on its Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.


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